A Satanic World : God created Men. Men made religion, slavery, national patriotism, science, and racism

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The collectivist scheme is not of God but of Satan. To ensure the endurance of this vile plan the collectivist construct uses division and subtraction – operations that maintain the system. These operations of theft are employed randomly, by chance, deliberately and punitively to rob individual wealth, happiness, and power. It is a system of forced compliance and submission of many to the will of few. It is a prison. It mandates that people summarily surrender their will, to relinquish their virtue, to sacrifice their dreams, to punish others for love, to commit atrocities, to renounce the one true living God through Jesus Christ and to reject His infinite, omniscient and omnipotent love for us as His children. And as such we continue to punish our own children and justify these acts because we ourselves have forsaken our Heavenly Father. This begs the question if we continually castigate our children with all sorts of heinous acts to compensate for our own betrayal of love and God Himself. It makes sense our cultural framework seems to incessantly require self punishment and a reluctance to reject its gross indecency in contradictions.

In God’s Kingdom with his perfectly intended grace and boundless love there is little division or subtraction, for God (and the Bible definitively supports this) favors multiplication and addition – increasing abundance – as His operations. So let it be done on Earth as it is in heaven!

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Social collective schemes large than a community perpetually have demonstrated a tendency of leading to oppression, enslavement, and blind ignorance that robs individuals of their individual sovereignty which is bestowed by God.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Be mindful of who you work with along the way and continue to educate yourself while liberating your soul from these unconscious agendas

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I don’t know what to title this!

Good has become evil and evil has become good especially in these hard times – where truth; love; compassion; kindness; and spiritual (and moral) fortitude increasingly diminish. It is a nefarious plague that renders individuals detached from their complete selves, confounding and obscuring that which is certainly and undeniably inherent within their hearts. Thus, many people, ignorantly unaware of truth, seem inclined to overlook, or even deny the hearts of others, but also their own hearts. They slave on, carry on, and are compelled to behave as unemotional, mindless, and heartless souls – driven by greed, excessive lust, depravity, and immorality, intent on executing their own agenda with utter indifference to others. How can any conscious, sentient, earthly-bound, mortal being purport himself as being more worthy and possessing more rights than anyone else and arrive to a callous conviction that his will that must be obeyed and that he has a destined right to oppress, enslave, abuse, ignore, hurt, murder, steal, deceive, cheat, rape, defame, penalize, imprison, enslave, inhibit, torture, poison, ridicule, injure, dismiss, marginalize, misinform, deprive, impoverish, and isolate others for his purpose?

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Hidden Meaning in Language?

Something is strange about language and a potential danger within it that renders communication, written and especially verbal, indiscernible and renders humanity divided and confused.  We are taught, from grade school spelling to cast spells, cursive as a means to cuss and slang as a corrupted form of the language.  Is it mere coincidence that shalom, hell-o, and hola have similar pronunciation and spellings and are used with similar context?  That Holly-wood, and Holi-days are used to deceive and render ignorance knowing that wood from the Holly tree is the traditional material of druidic wands used in casting spells?  That in Spanish sonrisa means smile but in typically overcast and rainy England that this word was adopted and changed to mean sunrise – never been to England but have travelled to the Pacific Northwest (also very overcast) and was happy to see the sunrise the one or two times over the three weeks I was there.  In Spanish, historia means story, while in English History is, frequently associated with fact – very unfortunate indeed especially since so much of our history is falsified.  We work during the week and are rendered weakened on the weekend.  Think about that.

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Exposing individuals to ideas that disempower nature and usurp it with human inclinations is the most potent incentive for soliciting human beings to commit all sorts of heinous behaviors which demonstrate irreverence for life.  Thus acts of warfare, thievery, circumcision, environmental destruction, frenzied competition, slavery, abuse, murder, and injustice are destined to plague humanity and worse, yet, are justified and openly tolerated by it.  Through obscuring, diverting, and distracting from the antagonistic source of the resulting cognitive dissonance, both love and morality are rendered obtuse and indiscernible.

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The Debt and Death Paradigm Planned by the Zionist “Banksters”

Many independent financial analysts believe that the financial catastrophe looming on the horizon will be worse, much worse than the one that ripped through 2008. The Federal Reserve has been preparing for its final blow to the American Citizen since its inception in 1913.  The Zionist, privately run corporation is responsible for printing and circulating U.S. currency and charging the Government interest for the privilege.  The collapse of the American dollar will trigger a global economic disaster where international trade will come to a stand-still and billions of human beings will be prone to depression, starvation, and conflict. 

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