Freedom from Economic, Social and Political Oppression

current social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental issues from a secular humanist point of view

Democracy: The Only Naturally Legitimate System of Government – When Humanity is Ethical

Human beings must be cognizant of their inherent rights for democracy to be a real possibility

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The Terrorism of September 11, 2001 – Culpability

September 11, 2001 was a date America will never forget.  It was the largest terrorist attack on America in history, and brought back memories of Pearl Harbor to those old … Continue reading

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The Terroristic Zionist State of Israel – Judaism’s Holocaust rationale for the plundering of Palestinian Lands

Zionism is a political movement that supports the rationale for re-establishing the State of Israel as a homeland for the “Jews” in the territory that corresponds to Palestine, and Canaan.  … Continue reading

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Banking: A History Throughout the World and in America

“Any person holding any office or any stock in any institution in the nature of a bank for issuing or discounting bills or notes payable to bearer or order, cannot … Continue reading

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Componets of a Working Democracy

components of a working democracy

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Hollywood does it again – A Culture of False Labels Autism/ADHD/ADD/Et. Al.

Is it not worth the consideration – that a perverted culture based on greed and materialism might seek to benefit from labelling vast numbers of individuals which comprise it as … Continue reading

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what is genocide?

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