The Corruption of Human Consciousness

Contemporary social, political, economic, cultural, educational and conscious issues from a secular humanist point of view

My Wish For Humanity

Mankind should finally consciously rouse to a presence of an ubiquitous, calculating agenda that has resonated throughout human history seeking to imprison human beings within a self-imposed framework that has no natural foundations.  Such a construct is in contradiction to inherent virtue and natural laws.  The result is the perpetration (and justification) of a constant conflict with other human beings, other life-forms, and  in competition for abiotic resources.  This paradigm induces humanity into a frenzied competition and supports a constant rivalry with the nature.  This demented perspective devalues life and culminates in a twisted and perverted existence and is endowed through an expendioture of huge amounts of energy to convince cognizant individuals to abandon their inherent virtue and replace it with ignorance, irrationality, hypocrisy, and superstition.

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Democracy: The Only Naturally Legitimate System of Government – When Humanity is Ethical

Human beings must be cognizant of their inherent rights for democracy to be a real possibility

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The Terrorism of September 11, 2001 – Culpability

9-11 was not only an inside job orchestrated by various democratically elected U.S. Government officials, a perverse multi-media conglomerate, Israeli Mossad agents, and trained Muslim terrorists…

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The Terroristic, Zionist, State of Israel – Judaism’s Holocaust rationale for the plundering of Palestinian Lands and Crimes Against Humanity

It is the very existence of the State of Israel that has been at the center (either directly or indirectly) of almost every major international conflict in the past three decades, threatening world peace. 

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The Mainstream Mass Media in America

[mass] media impairs a democratic society by obscuring facts, contradicting logic and by restricting an independent. unbiased approach in the dissemination of knowledge. In this way, the mass-media facilitates government accessibility, management and the censoring of information broadcast as contrived propaganda. An independently run media is critical in maintaining government transparency and establishing trust between the citizens and the politicians.  In short – the responsibility of the media to a democratic society: with great power comes great responsibility….

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Banking: A History Throughout the World and in America

“Any person holding any office or any stock in any institution in the nature of a bank for issuing or discounting bills or notes payable to bearer or order, cannot … Continue reading

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Componets of a Working Democracy

components of a working democracy

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What is Consciousness? BY PHILIP PERRY

What consciousness is and where it emanates from has stymied great minds in societies across the globe since the dawn of speculation. In today’s world, it’s a realm tackled more and more by physicists, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists. There are a few prevailing theories.

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The Sucess of the Jews at Perpetrating Misery in Humanity

Living in the Jew SA of America (LOL) and being exposed to a subversive contrived Jew World Order has enlightened me as to the identity of the vile segment of humanity that seeks to pervert the inherent virtue of human beings and their symbiotic relationship with other people, other living things and nature itself.

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Hollywood does it again – A Culture of False Labels Autism/ADHD/ADD/Et. Al.

Is it not worth the consideration – that a perverted culture based on greed and materialism might seek to benefit from labelling vast numbers of individuals which comprise it as … Continue reading

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