The Corruption of Human Consciousness

Contemporary social, political, economic, cultural, governmental, educational issues from a secular humanist point of view

The Debt and Death Paradigm Planned by Zionist “Banksters”

Jewish Zionist Criminals have an evil plan in store

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An important letter

The following revelations have been exposed to me by so many events in my life but the vicious physical attack by an individual who physically assaulted me, strangled me, choked … Continue reading

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OBSERVE, RATIONALIZE, INQUIRE, AWAKEN, AUTO-LIBERATE, DISCOVER (beauty, peace, love, cooperation, respect, reverence, power), REJECT, INFORM

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An Attack on American Values and on Humanism

The Nation of Israel, both Zionist and non-Zionist, has consistently rejected any humanistic justification for its own existence by virtue of its active participation and involvement in human-rights violations – … Continue reading

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An Outlook For America

Money impels citizens to adopt increasingly fraudulent and perverse theologies, philosophies, indulgences, and to perpetrate behaviors which putrefy the sanctity of social harmony by compelling acts including gambling, prostitution, fraud, counterfeiting, … Continue reading

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MORALITY – The Freedom to Commit Hypocrisies and Ethically Perverse Crimes Against Nature

It is not inaccurate to blame theological beliefs, almost exclusively, for their assaults and corruptions perpetrated on human cultures through successfully obscuring man’s connections with nature. The ensuing collective fabric … Continue reading

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The Value of Children: the Greatest Hope for Humanity

I am convinced that it is the relatively uncorrupted minds of our children that hold the greatest hope for humanity’s transcendence from its self-imposed, corrupt, and unnatural paradigm that confines … Continue reading

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The greatest threat to humanity is its own vile corruption of the inherent ties it has with nature and its splendid laws.  This diabolical scheme is perpetrated upon humanity deliberately … Continue reading

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Humanity has been historically mesmerized by a perverse web of lies that is spun to subdue the Natural to the confines of a false paradigm constructed by man himself. This … Continue reading

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The Sucess of the Jews at Perpetrating Misery in Humanity

Living in the Jew SA of America (LOL) and being exposed to a subversive contrived Jew World Order has enlightened me as to the identity of the vile segment of … Continue reading

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Humankind should finally consciously rouse to awareness of the existence of an ubiquitous, calculating agenda which has resonated its wrath on humanity in a systematic.  Superstitions and alternative realities are … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Organized Religions

Religious clerics within America, especially evangelicals in the Southern States, often intermingle politics and morality in sermons delivered to their congregations.  Religious factions in America take a strong stand on … Continue reading

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Links to open your mind

February 10, 2019


(1) Play hardball – use their tactics in the game against them.   (2) Expose their elitist, entitled, exclusivist agenda / racist / superstitious beliefs / deception / defamation / … Continue reading

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