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Hidden Meaning in Language?

Something is strange about language and a potential danger within it that renders communication, written and especially verbal, indiscernible and renders humanity divided and confused.  We are taught, from grade school spelling to cast spells, cursive as a means to cuss and slang as a corrupted form of the language.  Is it mere coincidence that shalom, hell-o, and hola have similar pronunciation and spellings and are used with similar context?  That Holly-wood, and Holi-days are used to deceive and render ignorance knowing that wood from the Holly tree is the traditional material of druidic wands used in casting spells?  That in Spanish sonrisa means smile but in typically overcast and rainy England that this word was adopted and changed to mean sunrise – never been to England but have travelled to the Pacific Northwest (also very overcast) and was happy to see the sunrise the one or two times over the three weeks I was there.  In Spanish, historia means story, while in English History is, frequently associated with fact – very unfortunate indeed especially since so much of our history is falsified.  We work during the week and are rendered weakened on the weekend.  Think about that.

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Exposing individuals to ideas that disempower nature and usurp it with human inclinations is the most potent incentive for soliciting human beings to commit all sorts of heinous behaviors which demonstrate irreverence for life.  Thus acts of warfare, thievery, circumcision, environmental destruction, frenzied competition, slavery, abuse, murder, and injustice are destined to plague humanity and worse, yet, are justified and openly tolerated by it.  Through obscuring, diverting, and distracting from the antagonistic source of the resulting cognitive dissonance, both love and morality are rendered obtuse and indiscernible.

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A Corrupt Legal and Justice System

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ― Elie Wiesel “It’s a stark fact … Continue reading

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The Importance of Education to Democracy

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.  The real safeguard of democracy, therefore is education.” – FDR “Educate and inform the whole mass … Continue reading

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The greatest threat to humanity is its own vile corruption of the inherent ties it has with nature and its splendid laws.  This diabolical scheme is perpetrated upon humanity deliberately to proclaim man’s false superiority over nature – that he is capable of waging and winning incessant wars against it.  Acts such as circumcision, Kosher slaughtering of animals, and the Judaic Talmudic consent for abusive sexual acts with girls under three years old, devalue life and permit and justify human behaviors which would otherwise be viewed as deviant, vile, and perverted.  By occluding mankind’s inherent ties to nature, humanity is coerced into existing in a world which is artificial, illusionary, and extremely competitive – driven by greed, disrespect, cruelty, and self-infliction.  This permits man to justify behaviors and acts that are hypocritical and results in the entire of humanity being condemned to subsist in a world where nature and its exquisite laws do not rule supreme – thus, Mankind is cursed into a contingency of hell – where beauty, awe, and respect capitulate to crudeness, disregard and disdain all at the whim of a twisted theology.

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