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The Debt and Death Paradigm Planned by the Zionist “Banksters”

Many independent financial analysts believe that the financial catastrophe looming on the horizon will be worse, much worse than the one that ripped through 2008. The Federal Reserve has been preparing for its final blow to the American Citizen since its inception in 1913.  The Zionist, privately run corporation is responsible for printing and circulating U.S. currency and charging the Government interest for the privilege.  The collapse of the American dollar will trigger a global economic disaster where international trade will come to a stand-still and billions of human beings will be prone to depression, starvation, and conflict. 

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An Attack on American Values and on Humanism

The Nation of Israel, both Zionist and non-Zionist, has consistently rejected any humanistic justification for its own existence by virtue of its active participation and involvement in human-rights violations – … Continue reading

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MORALITY – The Freedom to Commit Hypocrisies and Ethically Perverse Crimes Against Nature

It is not inaccurate to blame theological beliefs, almost exclusively, for their assaults and corruptions perpetrated on human cultures through successfully obscuring man’s connections with nature. The ensuing collective fabric … Continue reading

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Personal Quotes

“Words, as with deliberate behaviors should be considered carefully – both can have a significant impact on the physical, emotional and cognitive well being of their intended recipients.” “The concept … Continue reading

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The Importance of Education to Democracy

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.  The real safeguard of democracy, therefore is education.” – FDR “Educate and inform the whole mass … Continue reading

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Jewish Oppression and Crimes Against Humanity

We are told to study History so that it does not repeat itself, yet it constantly does and humanity seems doomed to repeat the same  mistakes over and over I … Continue reading

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