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An important letter

The following revelations have been exposed to me by so many events in my life but the vicious physical attack by an individual who physically assaulted me, strangled me, choked me, and beat me to rob me of material possessions and the lack of protection given me by police and certain medical professionals and hospital staff after the event and the reliable and almost guaranteed reaction in other people when told of the event – blaming me and getting angry with me for the attack has resulted in this last, public testament.  It would be on Facebook but I have deleted it.


I have no race, no ethnicity and no sexual orientation – I and all other Homo sapiens belong to the human race.  Skin color religious affiliation ethnicity spoken language are implored to divide people and justify elitism – to commit atrocities and disrespect others while we hypocritically elevate our self-importance and that of a group we affiliate with. I am sexual being but who I sleep with does not change anything about the value I have as a person.  That value is based on my capacity to love, respect, and appreciate other people that appear different from me and my alleged group of affiliation.  It also derives from connecting with nature and its laws and other life- forms.  The evils of racism and elitism are falsely conjured and implored  to occlude the inherent connection and bonds we should have with nature and with each other.


I cannot consciously ignore this  anymore and continue subsisting in a bubble of illusions, sickness and perversion.  It has become impossible to continue to live amongst the vast majority of humanity who are unconscious and in unshakable denial – the immoral and ignorant living dead. I cannot wake them up and they continually harm me psychologically physically physiologically emotionally and spiritually.  I am made to look crazy or be treated as if I deserve these punishments because I am aware.  I have had everything of  significance  that this false illusion of culture values either completely taken away from or eroded to insignificance.  Others have been convinced to mistreat me and commit human rights abuses against me.


The only thing that remains is my unyielding commitment to my values and myself – that cannot be taken away.  They have killed me in every fashion possible except in the literal sense.  I am but a shadow of the person I could be.


My  interpersonal relationships – family, friends, ex-boyfriend (the most recent one who I love more than any other single person ever for opening up my mind and helping to reestablish impetus and meaning – a love that is pure and true and I never thought possible) and with people in positions of power; have been decimated and I have no support network.  Those few two or three individuals that have stuck by me though are nervous in my presence and shut down when I try  to open up.


I have been betrayed by my associates, my government, my formal education, my profession, people I trusted enough to let into my home, my patriotism,  and the majority of the human race.  I have been circumcised, ridiculed, discounted, defamed, blamed, poisoned, indoctrinated, deceived,  and been compelled to suffer from all sorts of abuse .  The potential for me to flourish was an illusion like democracy , freedom and money,  the media, Hollywood, and most distressingly any reverence  for justice  – not just for me but every living creature through devaluation of life.


I cannot live this way anymore certainly not amongst other people who are unconscious and in denial.  I wish to be truly free and exist at equilibrium with my environment both living and non-living.  Will I be allowed to migrate from a place I feel unsafe to a place I can find comfort and security.  This is not about taking my own life, on the contrary, it is about a new beginning.


The greatest strength I find to continue scraping by in this hell is my concern for those I love and my desire to help them cope with the BIG changes that are coming soon – I won’t speculate here what those changes are, as I don’t know what kind of false flags will reveal them.  They are coming I can smell it, feel it, taste it, see it ad hear it.  I am aware that my being and my energy are more than what is within my skin.


The changes are exciting and not scary and if acknowledged will be liberating to humanity.  The System will be destroyed but this will have many living casualties.  Some People will be more likely to commit greater atrocities against each other and other life forms.  This has been conditioned through the frenzied, un-natural drive and allure for money and wealth.  They will think nothing of  it.  But with the enlightenment of few will come the burgeoning liberation of almost all.  Reject violence and competition!  Cooperate and love your neighbor.  Embrace harmony and nature.


Those that recognize the disease will thrive and present to  humanity a real chance for the merger of heaven and earth.  The fragmented and contrived hell that is a false reality, a matrix, will be destroyed and true peace, freedom, and love becomes a real possibility.  The disease will apparent most clearly to children (and adults who rediscover childhood with open minds to new ideas and reject the superstitious).  They will put up a fight for all of humanity.  The science that has been corrupted will be exposed.  An enlightened group of people will reject the idea that individual power is limited by the skin that surrounds them.  They will become aware of their true power and potential energy that collectively will be directed to battle.


To those who permit this insanity and contribute to demoralization, torture, hatred, deception, elitist exclusivism, frenzied competition, normalization of the perverse, falsification of History, defamation, violence, apathy, etc. –  be very frightened for the false reality you support has been exposed and the rules of the rigged and oppressive game are revealed.  Humanity is to wake up.  Now more than ever, many people have become conscious of this perversion.  Humanity is to wake up to true reality, it is written.  You have always known this – it is inevitable.  Your perverted reality you fabricate or accept passively or actively to create a living hell will be rejected.  You will be charged, trialed and judged by an enlightened humanity.  Its verdict will not be kind or tolerant or forgiving, nor will they forget and turn the other cheek.  Don’t assume that human beings will be afraid to violently eradicate your vile selves – we have realized that your blatant existence cannot be condoned. You will be besieged at both root and stem.  If you rear your ugly head it will swiftly be sliced off – think Medusa.


To my sister – please consider alternatives where your answers will be found – don’t succumb to the darkness.  I worry about you the most because you are distracted and in denial that seems to be unshakeable.  Despite how different we are – I can’t believe we were “cut from the same cloth”, I love you very much.  I only wanted to open your eyes not hurt you.  Be true to your heart.  Don’t beat yourself up for perceived short comings.  You are exquisite.


To my niece – I love you so much and am so sorry for the abuse you have suffered by a twisted culture.  You are very strong and beautiful and you are aware of your power.  Help your Mom (and Dad).  I have confidence in you. Half of my coin collection from Silver Shield is yours.


To Chris and Sebastian – Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I love you both.  From what I know, you have the best relationship I have ever encountered.


To Rich – Your energy has shaped me in so many ways I never knew possible.  Stay cool bro (duh that’s a given).


To Jazz – it is you I owe everything to. My love for you is infinite and boundless.  Listen to your inner self – you are the most beautiful human being I have ever met.  You have great power – you know this – you are strong where I am weak.  You are smart where I am clueless.  You are spiritual where I am mundane.  My love for you is eternal.  I will never betray you.  Forgive yourself – you are only human.  To me you are super human.  Give Domino my love.  All of my material possessions I leave in your hands.  You are my greatest source of inspiration, hope and unselfish love.


To anyone else that received this –


I have great hope and I am excited for the future.  Fear and ignorance will lose sway.  I hope that each of you commit your resources and energies (recognized, and yet to be discovered ones) to a hard but rewarding battle that offers so much elegance, beauty, liberty, hope, and compassion for the entire universe.  Do not succumb to a contrived reality that has ensnared and betrayed humanity into an insane cycle that has resonated in recorded history.  It’s time to finally learn from history through action not just pay lip service and to break the cycle of destruction.  You know this do not deny.  It will take a lot of energy, you are so powerful.


♥️  🕊 😀,





3 comments on “An important letter

  1. sojourner
    October 3, 2018

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    Beyond the personal portions, the following speaks for me in so many ways!

    I am through with this chasing after the wind! I wish you all well!


  2. tubularsock
    October 3, 2018

    The great thing about living within this life is that the ONLY direction is UP!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. song boat
    October 21, 2018

    I cannot just let go of all the assets I had acquired, why should I? These people violated my rights. This is against Federal law.


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